Executive Team

William “Bill” Gillespie – CEO/FOUNDER

Bill, a true pioneer in the Recycling and Manufacturer Representative fields has been in business for himself for over 27 years.
Mr. Gillespie launched Specialty Marketing Group, a Manufacturer’s Representative Group, in 1987 where he was instrumental in launching such manufacturers as Western Digital (WD), MGE UPS Systems (APC), Bethesda Software, Adaptec, Toshiba America and Ricoh, to name a few, into the broad stream computer distribution and retail channels. Bill’s expertise won him “manufacturer’s representative of the year” for several of these organizations multiple times during the past 27 years.
Seeing the need for change, In 1994 Mr. Gillespie formed MTC Holdings a small regional recycler whose primary focus was to help local businesses in and around the Portland OR area. Mr. Gillespie would make sure that the companies he recycled for were not only having their data protected but that the IT assets they were having recycled did not end up in our landfills.
In 1999 Mr. Gillespie realized that the recycling of IT assets was a much greater issue than just a centralized problem so he expanded his operations into the Los Angeles, Orange County areas of CA forming MTC Recyclers. Since 2003 Mr. Gillespie has dedicated the majority of his time working with large corporations, retailers, distributors, computer repair houses and smaller recyclers to ensure that the rules and guidelines set forth by the EPA are being met by all the companies that he represents.
Mr. Gillespie is now CEO/Founder and Board Member of MTC Recyclers where he has compiled a team of IT and recycling experts with more than 76 years of combined experience. MTC Recyclers sole purpose is to continue to work with and educate corporations of all sizes throughout the U.S. the importance of re-use and recycle to make sure our country stays clean for years to come.