RECYCLING/IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposal and Recovery

ntr-computersMTC Recycling understands the importance of delivering cost-effective recovery services for your organization’s IT assets regardless of whether you own or lease them. Our IT asset disposition and asset disposal services integrate the core services of logistics, equipment auditing, information cleansing and customer reporting to provide the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage the end of life retirement process for all of your retired IT assets.
We designed our IT Asset Disposal program to allow you to focus on what’s important to any company’s bottom line and that is to move forward with a business as usual mentality. Leave the worry, compliance and environment to us. This is the service we offer to our clients on a daily basis.

Material Recovery

MTC Recyclers provides re-use, and re-marketing services for equipment having value in the secondary marketplace.  We can provide on-site packing and freight, tag removal, asset level reporting and data destruction during the value recovery process.

IT Recycling

MTC Recycling provides IT asset recycling services for equipment that is non-functional or has no reuse value in the secondary marketplace.  Removal and destruction of equipment meets all applicable local, state, and federal guidelines.  We can provide asset level reporting as well as brand protection through complete destruction, removal of logos, serial numbers and markings when using our electronic or computer disposal services.  Certificates of Recycling can be issued for all recycled equipment and Certificates of Indemnification can be issued for all devices that we punch or have shred by our EOL partners.

Data Destruction

We provide total data security so that no one can steal your information. We offer off-site certified data destruction services (DOD, HIPAA and PCI Compliant) with a full chain of custody are offered. Our services allow you to both eliminate storage costs and recover value from retired assets.